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Example Dissertation Is an Inspiration for Students

example dissertation article

Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a Roman philosopher and playwright, says, “The road to learning by precept is long, but by example short and effective.” This statement is always true especially with students. Example dissertations help the students understand the pattern of writing a dissertation assignment easily rather than just referring the guidelines offered by professors.

Example dissertations provide practical depiction of dissertation. “Example dissertations help the students struggling with a long list of dissertation guidelines to easily understand the proposed steps for writing a dissertation.” But it is useful for a student to use a dissertation example as a template   only if the university, in which the student studies, requires the same dissertation format and structure.

Example dissertation: How it inspires students?

  • Provides clear idea for writing dissertation - Some students may find it difficult to write a dissertation just by using the long list of guidelines provided by their professor. The example dissertations that have been written in the writing style and format same as that required by their university, can provide the students a clear idea and proposed steps to successfully write their dissertation.
  • Provides confidence - Example dissertations provide the students with the necessary confidence to write their dissertation easily.
  • Useful to find references - Example dissertations can be used as references to find the journals, books, quotes and cases related to their dissertation topic.
  • Develops dissertation writing skill – Dissertation example helps the students to develop their dissertation writing skill. Students can develop the skill to write a good critical essay through your professor’s guidance, discussions with other students, by referring to some critical essay samples, and through experience.
  • Useful as template – The sample dissertation can be used as dissertation template if it uses the required format.

Different universities expect dissertations of different requirements and format. Hence, students should be careful enough to use only the example dissertation with the same format required by their university, if they use they use the example as a template. Also, students must ensure not to copy anything from that example dissertation.

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