Topics for Research Papers: 30 Most Optimistic Ideas Ever
November 5th, 2012

If all these popular research paper topics make you depressed, you are not alone. Surely, abortion, capital punishment and terrorism deserve serious consideration. However, these topics have been already widely discussed and thinking of them can darken your mood. So let somebody else discuss the problems of global warming or divorce rates and look instead through this list of 30 most optimistic ideas for research papers.
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Criminology Research Paper Format Guidelines for Stellar Grades
June 21st, 2012

The format of a criminology research paper differs from papers in other subjects mainly in the areas of analysis and statistics. Criminology research papers tend to rely heavily on crime statistics; therefore, the student must demonstrate awareness of how to interpret statistics effectively. Since criminology is a social science, research papers in criminology need to also demonstrate the ability of the student to analyze crime trends and offer insight as to why certain crimes happen in certain socio economic circumstances and not in others. If you have been assigned a research paper in criminology, consider the following guidelines for help getting started:

  • Organize the statistics that you will be using for the essay into larger sections that target the meaning behind each set of statistics that the criminology research paper intends to interpret. For example, if the essay is about the escalation of crime during a certain time period, demonstrate the progression of the criminal acts using the statistics in ascending order, interspersed with appropriate analysis from one year to the next.
  • Use appropriate academic language throughout your essay. Criminology research papers need to be rigorous academic documents. Avoid the use of slang or colloquial speech, and make sure that the tone of your essay is serious and scholarly. Do not use humor or excessive metaphor. Read More
Concluding Sentence: Mirror a Topic Sentence, Restate Arguments
April 3rd, 2012

сoncluding-sentenceDo you feel like something is missing from your paragraph? Have you included a concluding sentence into it? If not, make certain to correct this serious mistake. Every paragraph should include a topic sentence, several supporting sentences and a concluding sentence. You might want to look through this quick guide that will help you make your concluding sentences just perfect.

Concluding sentence: functions

A concluding sentence is the final sentence in each paragraph. It should not be confused with a concluding paragraph, which is placed at the end of an essay. A concluding sentence plays a crucial role in every paragraph. Here are its main functions:

  • to “mirror” a topic sentence which opens your paragraph and expresses the main idea you developed in this passage; make your topic sentence and the corresponding concluding sentence similar, but different;
  • to summarize the main arguments of the whole paragraph;
  • to make the transition to the following sentence (unless this paragraph is your concluding paragraph)

Concluding sentence: words to avoid

Here are some words that make poor choices for concluding sentences:

  1. In conclusion;
  2. in summary;
  3. to sum up.

Respect your readers. They understand that you are going to include a concluding sentence at the end of the paragraph. There is no need to say something that is so obvious.

Concluding sentence: words to use

To mirror a topic sentence and summarize the main arguments, you might want to use:
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Dissertation Topics Creation Has Never Been So Easy: Expert Help
March 20th, 2012

dissertation-topicsWell, it seems like you’re facing another hard task. And that hard task is to create one of those topics on dissertation.
“What is a dissertation, after all?”
A dissertation is the final work required to obtain a higher degree and it consists in designing, planning, carrying out and reporting of an original research project with solid theoretical background.
Don’t confuse it with…
…A thesis, which is an original research that advances a specific and unique point of view, is based on scholarly resources and solid theoretical background, and required to obtain a higher academic degree.
Well, let’s get some ideas for dissertation topics, shall we?

Dissertation Topics Development for IT: Make Great Discoveries!

Did you know that creating dissertation paper topics is fun? You can use all your creativity and even add a tint of humor in your topics for dissertation! Take a glance at the Top 30 Topics for the dissertation of your dreams!
Let’s check first some dissertation topics in IT – the hottest ticket in 2012:
IT Dissertation Topics

  1. Privacy and Confidentiality in the IT Domain: Their Necessity and Methods to Establish Strict Boundaries;
  2. Freedom and Censorship of Speech in Information Technologies: Adequate Laws Are Required;
  3. Unstable Security in the Information Technologies Field and Means to Fight It;
  4. Current Computer Crimes: An Overview of Occurrences and Efficient Problem Solutions;
  5. 2012 IT Investment Issues: Restricted Funding and Alternative Sources of Financial Support;
  6. 2012 World Congress on IT: Problems to Be Solved and Possible Suggestions;
  7. The Transformation of Higher Education Through Information Technologies: New Horizons, New Issues;
  8. Design and Development of Personal Cloud Devices: Controlling the Weather with the Help of IT;
  9. Clean Energy and Means to Boost Its Use: Current Problems and Possible Solutions;
  10. E-Commerce Development Requires Fair Taxation: Current Suggestions.

Dissertation Topics in Education: Learning Teaching. XXI Century

Google only knows how many students have been browsing for dissertation education topics! Well, your dreams have finally come true – here are the 10 best dissertation topics on education!
Dissertation Topics: Education

  1. The Importance of IT in the Education Process;
  2. Means of Increasing Teacher Effectiveness. Overcoming the Obstacles;
  3. “Common Core” Academic Standards Are Not Faultless: Existing Alternatives;
  4. Educational Challenges in Rural and Impoverished Areas: The Community Policy;
  5. The Importance of the Individualized Approach in Modern Education: Issues and Solutions;
  6. The Means to Improve the Use of Data in Education: Suggestions and Current Issues;
  7. Cost- Sharing Formula in Modern Education as an Efficient Way to Solve Financial Problems;
  8. Using Non-Conventional Education Methods in Public Schools: Obstacles and Future Prospects;
  9. Teaching Disabled Students: Key Problems and Modern Solutions. Testing Innovative Methods;
  10. Bullying in School: Variations of School Abuse and Efficient Means to Fight It.

With these topics for dissertation in education, you’ll definitely reach success! However, don’t stop at these suggestions only – apart from education dissertation topics, there are 10 more fantastic research topics for dissertation to go!

Dissertation Topics: Top 10 Most Essential Problems

Do you want something more general? Then check these ideas for research topics:
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Editorial Topics: Thirty-One Fantastic Ideas for Paper Writing!
March 6th, 2012

editorial-topicEditorial Topics: Thirty-One Tips for Amazingly Creative Writing
‘Creating topics for editorial? Sounds lame,’ most students think. ‘But that’s a part of studying, right?’
Creating an editorial topic is a lot of fun. Need some proof? Well, just take a look at the ideas below!
Editorial Topics: Start Exploring the Possibilities of the Genre
In fact, creating editorial topics is really easy – once you see the editorial topic ideas list, you’ll be able to create your own topics in a blink of an eye. Remember:

  1. Introduce a conflict;
  2. Be innovative;
  3. Offer your own solutions.

Here go the some true winners among editorial topic ideas!
Editorial Topics: Fighting Controversy, Intrigues and Challenges
A part of being a writer of editorials is creating articles on controversial topics. Let’s see what ideas will be the most successful:

  1. Abortion. Common Sense Against Social Morals;
  2. Gambling. Don’t Sell Your Life for a Deck of Cards;
  3. Children Adoption… for Same-Sex Couples;
  4. Clones, GMOs… How Far Will Genetic Engineering Go?
  5. When Poverty Rates Hit the Ceiling: Something Has to Be Done.

Choose a topical social issue – and you can be sure you’re halfway through!
Editorial Topics: Persuasive Writing. Convince the Audience!
Alternatively, you can take a relatively old idea for discussion and make it significant. Turn your paper persuasive – pick some persuasive topics to write on!

  1. On Violence in Mass Media: Children See It!
  2. Alcoholic Drinks Commercials: on TV Hypocrisy;
  3. The Abuse of Sexual Imagery in Mass Media;
  4. Children and Animals in Advertising: Consumerist Cuties.

Although some of the issues above are not quite popular,, they can still seem attractive when served hot – that is, in a witty and intriguing manner.
Editorial Topics: Something Children Will Explore with Delight.
Kids can also deal with difficult social issues – in fact, sometimes they do it even better than adults. So here are editorial topics for kids:

  1. Is Watching TV Good or Bad?
  2. Parents Divorced: the Way I See It;
  3. What I Think about Terrorism;
  4. Don’t Mock Obese People – Help Them;
  5. Can a Boy Make Friends with a Girl?

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Evaluation Essay Topics: 30 Most Inspiring Ideas for You
February 21st, 2012

evaluation-essay-topicIf you look for fresh ideas for your evaluative essays, you must be tired of ordinary movie and book reviews. Why to limit evaluation paper topics to only a few classic novels and movies? Indeed, academic essay writing can and should be exciting. In this list you will find 30 most inspiring ideas for your evaluation essay topic.
Evaluation essay topics: mass media

  1. Evaluate a special report on the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
  2. Evaluate one of the popular talk shows (The Oprah Winfrey Show, for example).
  3. Evaluate a season of a casting show (American Idol, America’s Got Talent, America’s Next Top Model etc.)
  4. Evaluate a real life show (Cops, Big Bother etc.).
  5. Evaluate a TV or newspaper report on national scandals (phone-hacking scandal, for example).
  6. Evaluate a weather forecast program.
  7. Evaluate a TV commercial advertisement.

Evaluation essay topics: music

  1. Evaluate the video clip of your favorite song.
  2. Review one of the most popular songs of the previous year, no matter if you like it or not. Try to be as objective as possible.
  3. Evaluate the role of the music by Tchaikovsky in the movie Black Swan.
  4. Evaluate a piece of classical music (Beethoven, Mozart, your variant).
  5. Evaluate a concert of Michael Jackson.
  6. Evaluate a music video clip of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cher or any other pop diva.
  7. Evaluate the music your parents like most of all.
  8. Try to recollect the music you liked when at high school and evaluate it.

Evaluation essay topics: art
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GED Essay Topics and Prompts: What You Should Be Ready For
February 14th, 2012

GED-essay-topicsIf you want to have a better idea about a GED essay, you should take a look at the topics that you may need to discuss. For a GED essay, you will not have to do in-depth research or cite any sources.
Yet, you’ll have to express your views on a certain question and explain why you think so. Here is the list of possible GED essay questions:
GED Essay Topics: Learn More about Yourself
It is quite possible that you will have to respond to a personal question about your lifestyle, artistic taste, or world view. Here are some examples of such questions:

  1. What kinds of music do you like and why?
  2. What is your idea of a perfect day?
  3. Can you imagine yourself without television and Internet?
  4. What qualities must a good parent have?
  5. Is there anything about yourself that you want to change?
  6. How should a real leader treat other people? What are the traits of such a person?
  7. If you had a chance to meet a famous person, who would you like to meet?
  8. What kind of activities do you enjoy most and why?
  9. What kind of place would you like to go to and why?
  10. Would you volunteer to become a space tourist?
  11. Suppose that you have won a lottery and you don’t have to work ever again, what would you like to do?

Any of the above questions can be used as a GED essay topic, and you should be ready to respond to such prompts.
GED Essay Topics: Your Views on Society and Media
When you write a GEG essay, you may have to discuss a certain social problem, mass media, technologies and so forth. These questions are not particularly difficult, but they require critical thinking and analysis. You may take a look at these examples of possible GED essay topics:
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Essay on School Days: How to Make it Better and Effective?
November 23rd, 2011

It is always very interesting to remember the school days. Most of the students enjoy their school life. When school life is so importance, it is very clear that an essay on school days will be interesting to write.
When students are asked to write an essay on the topic “essay on school days”, it is better to make it impressive. There are many wonderful ideas to make the essay to grab the teacher’s interest. Students can consider the following ideas to prepare their “essay on school days” successfully in an organized manner.
Essay on school days: Ideas for themes
Students who find it difficult to choose a theme for their “essay on school days” can consider the following ideas:

  • The essay can be about the precious award received by the student or their friends.
  • The essay can be about schools friends and/or teachers.
  • The essay can be about the history or story behind the success of the school.
  • The essay can be about the school tour experience.
  • The essay can be about the school founders.
  • The essay can be about the important events like sports events or extra-curricular events of the school

Essay on school days: Structural tips
Students must write their “essay on school days” in the following structure: The introduction of the essay must include a prologue about the school and its teachers and students. The essay body must include the facts and peculiarities about the school event, experience, friends or teachers. The conclusion must include a positive conclusion stating that the school is special.
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Dr Strangelove Essay: The Cultural Significance of the Film
October 14th, 2011

A black comedy film directed by the famous Stanley Kubrick, Dr Strangelove has been recognized as one of the culturally significant films in the United States. Writing a Dr Strangelove essay you have to review the film from a wide social and political perspective. To make your Dr Strangelove essay successful and interesting to read, follow the simple steps of our Dr Strangelove essay guide!
Dr Strangelove Essay Step 1: Watch the Movie
One thing is watching a movie at the weekend merely for entertainment purposes. Quite another thing is reviewing a motion picture for producing a good piece of writing on it. When your objective is the latter, follow the guidelines below:

  • when you are watching the movie, try to take down everything that may matter for your Dr Strangelove essay; things like dates, places, actions, and quotes are not always easy to remember at once;
  • if necessary, watch the movie another time for specific details you may need for your Dr Strangelove essay.

Dr Strangelove Essay Step 2: Provide a Well-Researched Background
When writing your Dr Strangelove essay, take the effort to analyze the movie in a certain context, which may include:

  1. a historical period;
  2. a social tendency;
  3. the director’s and/or actor’s personalities; etc.

Dr Strangelove Essay Step 3: Define the Topic
As you have watched the movie and collected some background information on it, you may choose a specific topic for your Dr Strangelove essay. This may include:

  1. success or failure in depiction of events and characters;
  2. the topic of sexuality throughout the movie;
  3. the attitude to Cold War represented in the movie; etc.

Dr Strangelove Essay Step 4: Organize Your Ideas
When writing your Dr Strangelove essay, do not forget to do the following:
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Biology Research Paper: 10 Top Ideas for Interesting Discussion
May 20th, 2011

Attending biology classes, students can be assigned to write a biology research paper. This task is not new for most students, still, some problems may appear while choosing the topic for writing. There are students who may easily cope with the procedure, the others may have some complications.
But, it is not a reason for concern. After all, there are a number of sources where necessary information can be found. Having considered this article you are sure to get rid of one problem, where to find ideas for writing a biology research paper.
Ideas on a biology research paper

  1. Cancer is a burning problem nowadays. You may easily consider gender factors as those which cause cancer in your biology research paper.
  2. Balance in the nature may be checked. Forest cutting and hunting can be compared and contrasted from the biological point of view, whether the processes are helpful or harming.
  3. Primate communication via signs and sounds may be the central idea in your biology research paper.
  4. Sea urchins as the special marine organisms may be discussed. Dwell upon eating, moving and reproduction processes of those.
  5. The system of dolphin communication from the scientific approach may be highlighted in your biology research paper.
  6. Evolution is the problem that is not explained to the end. Try to point out some rarely considered facts in the field.
  7. Make stem cell research a core problem in your biology research paper.
  8. Describe the problems of cloning from biological point of view in your research paper.

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