Biology Research Paper: 10 Top Ideas for Interesting Discussion

Attending biology classes, students can be assigned to write a biology research paper. This task is not new for most students, still, some problems may appear while choosing the topic for writing. There are students who may easily cope with the procedure, the others may have some complications.
But, it is not a reason for concern. After all, there are a number of sources where necessary information can be found. Having considered this article you are sure to get rid of one problem, where to find ideas for writing a biology research paper.
Ideas on a biology research paper

  1. Cancer is a burning problem nowadays. You may easily consider gender factors as those which cause cancer in your biology research paper.
  2. Balance in the nature may be checked. Forest cutting and hunting can be compared and contrasted from the biological point of view, whether the processes are helpful or harming.
  3. Primate communication via signs and sounds may be the central idea in your biology research paper.
  4. Sea urchins as the special marine organisms may be discussed. Dwell upon eating, moving and reproduction processes of those.
  5. The system of dolphin communication from the scientific approach may be highlighted in your biology research paper.
  6. Evolution is the problem that is not explained to the end. Try to point out some rarely considered facts in the field.
  7. Make stem cell research a core problem in your biology research paper.
  8. Describe the problems of cloning from biological point of view in your research paper.

Your biology research paper can be devoted to the problem of avian flu. If you are interested in weapon, conduct a research on the development of biological one. Good luck with your biology research paper!

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