Topics for Research Papers: 30 Most Optimistic Ideas Ever

If all these popular research paper topics make you depressed, you are not alone. Surely, abortion, capital punishment and terrorism deserve serious consideration. However, these topics have been already widely discussed and thinking of them can darken your mood. So let somebody else discuss the problems of global warming or divorce rates and look instead through this list of 30 most optimistic ideas for research papers.

Topics for research papers: Psychology

  1. The use of smilies for Internet communication.
  2. Rest hours shared with pets as a source of emotional comfort.
  3. The relationship between sunlight and happiness.
  4. Why is yoga a perfect way to inner harmony?
  5. The connection between an individual’s intelligence and his/her sense of humor.

Topics for research papers: Animal life

  1. Dolphin assisted therapy as a miraculous cure.
  2. Birds’ intelligence as an important condition for pigeon post.
  3. The real life “Mowgli” children stories.
  4. An elephant saved a girl during the 2004 tsunami.
  5. Why do cats purr?

Topics for research papers: Music

  1. Good music as the easiest way to lift a person’s spirits.
  2. The impact of classical music on linguistic abilities.
  3. The effects of rock music on athletic performance.
  4. The benefits of background music in primary school.
  5. Musical preferences as signals of personal identity.

Topics for research papers: Art

  1. The advantages of early art education.
  2. Graffiti on canvas can be regarded as true art.
  3. Early avant-garde fashion designers.
  4. Despite all technological innovations, skills and practice are critical for becoming an outstanding photographer.
  5. The potential power of creativity and humor in advertizing.

Topics for research papers: Business

  1. Internal branding (care for the employees) as an important aspect of business success.
  2. Discount vouchers as the engine of commerce.
  3. The connection between employees’ happiness and workplace productivity.
  4. The link between success in professional and personal development.
  5. Enjoying what you are doing is the secret to business success.

Topics for research papers: Others

  1. Are optimism and the feeling of happiness nothing more than good personal habits?
  2. The bright future of digital natives (children who were born in the digital era).
  3. The positive impact of social media networks upon teenagers’ socialization skills.
  4. Gadgets – making people’s lives easier and better.
  5. What causes a rainbow?

As you see, these research paper topic ideas will help you see the glass half full and enjoy your writing process. Furthermore, your instructors will surely appreciate the topics for your research papers if you choose them from this list.

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