Dissertation Topics Creation Has Never Been So Easy: Expert Help
March 20th, 2012

dissertation-topicsWell, it seems like you’re facing another hard task. And that hard task is to create one of those topics on dissertation.
“What is a dissertation, after all?”
A dissertation is the final work required to obtain a higher degree and it consists in designing, planning, carrying out and reporting of an original research project with solid theoretical background.
Don’t confuse it with…
…A thesis, which is an original research that advances a specific and unique point of view, is based on scholarly resources and solid theoretical background, and required to obtain a higher academic degree.
Well, let’s get some ideas for dissertation topics, shall we?

Dissertation Topics Development for IT: Make Great Discoveries!

Did you know that creating dissertation paper topics is fun? You can use all your creativity and even add a tint of humor in your topics for dissertation! Take a glance at the Top 30 Topics for the dissertation of your dreams!
Let’s check first some dissertation topics in IT – the hottest ticket in 2012:
IT Dissertation Topics

  1. Privacy and Confidentiality in the IT Domain: Their Necessity and Methods to Establish Strict Boundaries;
  2. Freedom and Censorship of Speech in Information Technologies: Adequate Laws Are Required;
  3. Unstable Security in the Information Technologies Field and Means to Fight It;
  4. Current Computer Crimes: An Overview of Occurrences and Efficient Problem Solutions;
  5. 2012 IT Investment Issues: Restricted Funding and Alternative Sources of Financial Support;
  6. 2012 World Congress on IT: Problems to Be Solved and Possible Suggestions;
  7. The Transformation of Higher Education Through Information Technologies: New Horizons, New Issues;
  8. Design and Development of Personal Cloud Devices: Controlling the Weather with the Help of IT;
  9. Clean Energy and Means to Boost Its Use: Current Problems and Possible Solutions;
  10. E-Commerce Development Requires Fair Taxation: Current Suggestions.

Dissertation Topics in Education: Learning Teaching. XXI Century

Google only knows how many students have been browsing for dissertation education topics! Well, your dreams have finally come true – here are the 10 best dissertation topics on education!
Dissertation Topics: Education

  1. The Importance of IT in the Education Process;
  2. Means of Increasing Teacher Effectiveness. Overcoming the Obstacles;
  3. “Common Core” Academic Standards Are Not Faultless: Existing Alternatives;
  4. Educational Challenges in Rural and Impoverished Areas: The Community Policy;
  5. The Importance of the Individualized Approach in Modern Education: Issues and Solutions;
  6. The Means to Improve the Use of Data in Education: Suggestions and Current Issues;
  7. Cost- Sharing Formula in Modern Education as an Efficient Way to Solve Financial Problems;
  8. Using Non-Conventional Education Methods in Public Schools: Obstacles and Future Prospects;
  9. Teaching Disabled Students: Key Problems and Modern Solutions. Testing Innovative Methods;
  10. Bullying in School: Variations of School Abuse and Efficient Means to Fight It.

With these topics for dissertation in education, you’ll definitely reach success! However, don’t stop at these suggestions only – apart from education dissertation topics, there are 10 more fantastic research topics for dissertation to go!

Dissertation Topics: Top 10 Most Essential Problems

Do you want something more general? Then check these ideas for research topics:
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A Market Penetration Strategy Dissertation: Useful Strategies
September 3rd, 2010

market penetration strategy dissertationA market penetration strategy dissertation… the very sounding of these words seems to be ominous and dire. And yet, work on this paper can prove to be a really fascinating experience for a student. In this article, we will share some dissertation strategies and directions you can use when writing your market penetration strategy dissertation.
Penetrating the Market as It Is
Penetrating the market is a complex task that requires several separate actions to be taken. Thus, your best solution will be to treat these separate actions like topics and dedicate your market penetration strategy dissertation to them. Let us consider several examples.

  1. Before you make your first steps to penetrating the market, you need to ensure your business will endure the competition. The number of measures one needs to take in advance will be a fine topic for your market penetration strategy dissertation.
  2. Penetrating the market requires a decisive marketing campaign that can grant you a head start right as you enter the market niche. The details of initiating and the course of such a campaign are worth mentioning in your market penetration strategy dissertation.
  3. Finally, the diversification of the market can prove to be a saving remedy in times of crises if you see to it in advance. You can consider several ways of diversification in your market penetration strategy dissertation.

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Dissertation Defense Questions: Different Types, How to Respond to Them
August 20th, 2010

dissertation defense questionsIt seems that the part of the dissertation defense where committee members ask questions is exactly what makes all dissertation writers feel nervous. Who knows what this or that committee member has on mind or how he/she feels at the moment of your dissertation presentation.
At times, bad mood, a quarrel with a spouse in the morning, or a broken car of a committee member can result in some inadequate dissertation defense questions.
Hope you will not face a situation like that, but anyway you should devote enough time to preparing for the dissertation defense and possible dissertation defense questions.
By the way, it is a good idea to visit presentations of other graduates. Sure, you will not be asked the same dissertation defense questions. Yet, it is an opportunity for you to see how tough dissertation defense questions should be answered or what you should do if you have no answer at all.
Right now, we want to tell you about different types of dissertation defense questions and the right ways to answer them.
Inquisitive dissertation defense questions
You will face this kind of questions if one (or several) of the committee members are not satisfied with how you covered this or that aspect of your research. In this case, just tell everything you know, but do not try to touch upon issues that you are not competent in. If a dissertation defense question goes beyond the scope of your work, simply explain that you did not aim to address this area.
Curious dissertation defense questions
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Dissertation Proposal Defense: What to Expect
April 9th, 2010

dissertation proposal defenseSo, your proposal for a dissertation is finished, and it is high time to start preparing for your dissertation proposal defense. Do not hurry to rejoice if your proposal is successful, because if you fail during the defense, you will have to make further improvements.
In this article, we want to explain what you should expect from the dissertation proposal defense and how to prepare for it.
What a dissertation proposal defense is about
In a few words, it is an oral presentation of your proposal. Yet, you should not take it as an ordinary public performance, because your dissertation proposal defense should actually be strong evidence for you and for the committee that you are ready to finish your dissertation project.
During the dissertation proposal defense, you will have to demonstrate a deep understanding of your dissertation topic, prove its significance, and show your awareness of related works in the field.
How a dissertation proposal defense is usually held
As a rule, a dissertation proposal defense takes from 50 minutes to 2 hours. This time includes your oral presentation, questions period, and a period when the committee makes the final decision.
Some specific rules to keep in mind about a dissertation proposal defense

  1. First, you need to pick your dissertation proposal defense committee and get it approved.
  2. Two weeks before the dissertation proposal defense, you have to submit your proposal to the committee and make sure that all members have your proposal.
  3. Decide on the time and date of your dissertation proposal defense and approve it with the committee.

Quick tips for a successful dissertation proposal defense
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Average Thesis/Dissertation Length: No Universal Standards
March 19th, 2010

thesis or dissertation lengthWhat is the average thesis or dissertation length? This is one of the main questions that bother all thesis and dissertation writers. And, actually, it is a question that has no precise answer.
Saying that the average thesis/dissertation length is approximately 200 pages would be too easy and incorrect, because there are many factors that affect the size of such projects. Anyway, you want to know the answer, and we will try to explain what the average thesis or dissertation length is.
No universal standards
There is no standard thesis or dissertation length – this is the main rule you should keep in mind. All institutions have their own requirements. What is more, in the same institution requirements for thesis or dissertation length may vary depending on schools and departments.
Other standards as guidelines for you
Despite the fact that there is no standard thesis or dissertation length, you can be guided by other standards that usually do not change. What we mean is the content of thesis and dissertation projects. Your thesis or dissertation length should include all necessary chapters.
The main factor affecting the average thesis or dissertation length
Do you know what common answer almost all professors have about the average thesis and dissertation length? They say that a thesis or dissertation should be as long as it is necessary.
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A Dissertation Introduction: Its Purposes and Main Functions
February 19th, 2010

dissertation introductionsSome scholars think that a dissertation introduction is one of the most significant chapters of a dissertation. Others believe that writing dissertation introductions is not more important than preparing any other chapter.
Anyway, it is the very beginning of your project, that part where you introduce your work. Probably, dissertation introductions do play an important role, because they are designed to draw attention of the reader and explain why the project is worth examining. Thus, let us provide you with more details about the first chapter of your dissertation.
The main functions of dissertation introductions
To prepare a good dissertation introduction, you should know what particular functions it has. This is what dissertation introductions do:

  • Explain the purpose of your study and your motivation to conduct it;
  • State the problem you are going to address and solve;
  • Introduce research objectives;
  • Justify your work;
  • Explain how research will be progressed;
  • Give brief summaries of the main dissertation chapters.

See, you have to complete several rather complicated tasks. All the above-mentioned points should be presented in a clear and precise fashion. Do not overload the reader with unnecessary details, but make sure that you provide all major points the reader should know.
Specific recommendations for writing dissertation introductions
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Dissertation Methodology Section: Describing Research Methods
February 5th, 2010

dissertation methodologyYes, the main purpose of writing the dissertation methodology section is to describe your research methods. Research methods, in other words, can be defined as methods used to collect necessary information for your project.
In fact, before writing your dissertation methodology section, it is important to have a clear vision of those research methods or steps you need to take to collect information. Some of the research methods include the following:

  • action research;
  • experimental research;
  • classification research;
  • statistical analysis;
  • participant observation, etc.

Consult your advisor and decide on the appropriate methods used within your discipline and research area. In the dissertation methodology section, you will have to explain why some specific methods were selected and why you rejected other methods.
It is also important to weigh all pros and cons of each method, because this information should also be included into the dissertation methodology section.
Discuss in your dissertation methodology section positive and negative sides of all methods, those you have and have not used.
What rules one should stick to when writing dissertation methodology?
Rule 1
Dissertation methodology should include not only a description of your research methods. You should start with a discussion of problems that you are going to address, specific question you intend to answer.
Rule 2
Mind that the dissertation methodology section should be written in a clear, precise way, providing all necessary details about your methods. The reader should be able to replicate your actions.
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Thesis/Dissertation Extension: How to Get It
October 9th, 2009

thesis or dissertation extensionYou work on your thesis or dissertation project. One day, you realize that you have completely forgotten about the deadline, and you can even fail to submit your project on time.
Well, it is a big trouble indeed. Yet, it is manageable. What you need is thesis/dissertation extension that allows you to finish the project.
However, do not hurry to jump with joy. First, you need to provide very serious reasons why you are missing the deadline, because getting thesis/dissertation extension is not easy. As a rule, thesis/dissertation extensions are provided in case of some serious health problems or other personal circumstances.
Anyway, you have nothing to do but get your thesis or dissertation extension or you will not get a degree. Here you will find some basic guidelines on how to get thesis/dissertation extension.
Step 1
What you should do first is address your supervisor. Explain him/her all the true reasons why you cannot finish the project on time. You will definitely get a good piece of advice and some instructions about what you should do next.
Together you will formulate all explanations correctly so that you could get thesis/dissertation extension.
Step 2
After that, you will have to address a Program Officer or Department Chair. This person has a huge impact on whether you will be given thesis/dissertation extension.
Step 3
Then, you will have to fill in the Thesis/Dissertation Extension Request Form, where you have to highlight all your reasons for asking for extension in a clear and precise manner.
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Graphic Design Dissertation Topics
December 26th, 2008

graphic design dissertation topicsWell, if you have started reading this article, we can suppose that you want to connect your future career with graphic design. What is more, you have to pass a serious test if you want to be an expert in this area. This test is a graphic design dissertation.
It should not be a reason for you to give up at once. Besides, we are here to help you cope with your graphic design dissertation. In this article, you will find several possible graphic design dissertation topics along with tips for writing.
So, graphic design is actually the field with a variety of issues that can be considered. Some of them are:

  • Technology in Graphic Design;
  • Advertising Vs. Graphic Design;
  • Graphic Software;
  • Brand Personality Creation through Advertising;
  • Using Shapes in Graphic Design;
  • Color Properties and the HSV Color Space;
  • Logo Design Software;
  • HSL and HSV Color Coding.

Remember, graphic design dissertation topics should be exclusive. So, you cannot just copy any topic and make it your graphic design dissertation topic. The topic of your graphic design dissertation should be specific. What is more, it should be neither too broad nor too narrow.
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300 Words about a Dissertation Literature Review
November 4th, 2008

dissertation literature reviewDissertation writing is one of the most serious assignments students should complete during their education. Each part of a dissertation has its own peculiarities, and students need to know them to succeed.
Many students face plenty of difficulties while preparing the chapter called a dissertation literature review. If you are one of such students, this article should interest you!
Right now, we will present you all necessary information you should know to present a good dissertation literature review!
Some students confuse a dissertation literature review with an annotated bibliography. Never do this!
A dissertation literature review is one of the most important chapters in the whole dissertation. It makes up to 20% of your work. In a dissertation literature review, a student needs to…:

  1. …Identify;
  2. Evaluate;
  3. Describe;
  4. And summarize…

… information in the chosen field.
While writing a dissertation literature review, students aim at proving their awareness of the researches conducted and published on the chosen topic. So, the main purpose of writing a dissertation literature review is to describe the connection between researches done and the work you are going to present.
Now, let us talk about the main components of a dissertation literature review: Read More