A Good Thesis Statement and Its Main Signs
January 18th, 2010

a good thesis statementHave you ever counted how many essays you had to write? For every class, every teacher asks to write at least one essay. What is more, every teacher has own requirements and vision of a good essay.
Yet, there is one common thing between all teachers and their standards for students’ essays. A good essay should have a good thesis statement. This is what almost all students find complicated about writing essays.
Indeed, creating a good thesis statement might be tricky. However, if you know the main signs of a good thesis statement, it will not be a problem for you. You are lucky to hit upon this article, because here we list them.
A good thesis statement: sign 1
As a rule, each time teachers assign an essay, they provide some prompt or a question that a student should answer in the essay. Your thesis should address and answer this question.
A good thesis statement: sign 2
How long do you think a thesis statement should be? Actually, the answer hides in this word “statement”. A statement is something short and precise.
In other words, a good thesis statement should be about a sentence (maximum two) long, specific, and clear.
A good thesis statement: sign 3
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A Thesis Abstract: A Brief Summary of a Long Project
August 17th, 2009

thesis abstractDo you know what part of your thesis project will be read first? No, it is not an introduction or any other section of your thesis if this is what you think. It is a thesis abstract, which in other words can be defined as a short summary of your paper.
This thesis abstract plays a significant role in the further destiny of your project. Particularly, it will influence the reader’s choice, whether your work is worth reading and studying.
So, take your thesis abstract seriously and use our recommendations for preparing effective thesis abstracts.
How long should a thesis abstract be?
Usually, thesis abstracts are 300 words long. Sometimes, they can be longer, but not more than 500 words. Anyway, better specify this issue with your advisor.
When should a thesis abstract be prepared?
It is better to write a thesis abstract after the whole project is ready. This is when you know everything about your work, its findings, significance, etc.
What information should be included into a thesis abstract?
In a few words, thesis abstracts include the most important info about your work. Yet, to be more specific, you should answer the following questions and include answers into your thesis abstract:

  • What research question or problem does the work address?
  • Why this question is important to answer?
  • How did you carry out your research?
  • What are your findings? Why are they important?

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Strong Thesis Statement vs. Poor Thesis Statement
January 29th, 2009

thesis statementWe suppose you have heard a lot about the importance of a strong thesis statement. They say it is the first thing that the reader pays attention to. Well, we can even say that the reader interested in your paper will be looking for a thesis statement. After he/she finds and reads it, he/she will decide whether your work is worth further reading.
Obviously, you are not that confident about your abilities of composing strong thesis statements. You know, it is a problem for many students. However, we will help you learn to distinguish a strong thesis statement from a poor one.
First, let us discuss the basic characteristics of a strong thesis statement.
It introduces an insightful idea, not just some kind of fact. Strong thesis statements take a certain stand and are even a bit intriguing.
It is clearly formulated and focused. A thesis statement proves some point but does not discuss “everything about it.”
It evokes a kind of protest and desire to argue your position. If you manage to call this desire in the reader, it is the best proof of a strong thesis statement.
Second, you certainly need to know what a thesis statement is not about. So, thesis statements are not about:
Questions. A question is not an argument, which is so important for a thesis statement. Besides, readers expect to have all the questions answered.
Lists. If you say something like “For this, that, and that reason, something has happened”. It will not be considered as a strong thesis statement, since it does not contain an argument as well.
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Postgraduate Thesis
August 8th, 2008

postgraduate thesisBefore giving you a few recommendations on making a postgraduate thesis, let us firstly identify what a postgraduate thesis means. A postgraduate thesis is the result of original research done in a certain research area. Actually, your good thesis will be considered as a certain contribution to knowledge.
The purpose of writing your postgraduate thesis is to identify unanswered questions and provide your answers to them. You will also get a guidance of your supervisor and other academics.

  1. How to conduct research. Conducting research is, actually, like nothing else. It is rather hard to stay motivated when something is not clear to you or the sources are not enough for going ahead researching. In such minutes you will need to contact your supervisor or other academics + students. However, if you manage to keep motivated, you are sure to succeed in writing your postgraduate thesis;
  2. Daily work on your postgraduate thesis. Your daily work on the postgraduate theses will include lots of operations: reading papers, reviews, discussing ideas, getting new ideas and making sure they are worth bothering about, keeping a portfolio and, finally, living in a dreamlike state;
  3. Tips to follow:
    • always consult your supervisor or academic staff members;
    • always scan texts before you are going to read them, first read abstracts and conclusions;
    • always summarize the ideas in the sources you are using;

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How to Write a Thesis Introduction
January 21st, 2008

Writing a thesis introduction requires knowing all special requirements for the thesis introduction. We would like to present you a list of the thesis introduction requirements, which is certain to help you compose your thesis introduction.
The thesis introduction is to contain the following components:

  • The title of your thesis topic;
  • The reasons for choosing this particular thesis topic;
  • The aims of your thesis paper;
  • The tasks, which the thesis author has to complete in order to attain the aims of the thesis paper;
  • A little bit of a background data, which describes the history of the topic development;
  • The researcher’s intents.

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Differences between a Dissertation and Thesis
December 28th, 2007

If you want to know more about dissertations and theses, you chose the right site. This article tells you about the main difference between a dissertation and thesis, which you should take into consideration.
Dissertations and theses are two types of academic writings, which should be performed by students in order to get a degree, and here is one main difference between a dissertation and thesis. A dissertation is a work, which should be performed in order to get a doctoral degree, and a thesis is a kind of work, which should be written by a student in order to get a master’s degree.
Different types of degrees require different academic writings: dissertations and theses are just for this. You should clearly understand the difference before you start writing a dissertation or thesis. Read More