Career Topics: Vocational Guidance of High School Students
February 18th, 2011

Importance of discussing career topics
The main goal of contemporary education systems is to prepare young people to their adult life and is not limited to teaching particular blocks of materials. The majority of high school students is careless and rarely thinks of future profession and career. Touching upon career topics during class discussions, school programs play an important role in professional guidance of adolescents and are helpful for directing their efforts.
The choice of college and future profession is one of the most consequential decisions in every person’s life. For this reason, career topics are incorporated into the majority of education programs. Sharing their own experience and implementing the newest techniques for testing the students’ abilities, educators help young people to make the right decision. Before discussing career topics, learners are offered to take tests for monitoring their strong sides and preferences.
After comparing the results of the surveys with the students’ personal perception of their abilities, tutors may proceed to discussion of positive and negative sides of various professions. Discussing career topics, students broaden their scope and obtain a sensible view of advantages and disadvantages of various occupations and help to prevent disillusionment and retraining in future.
Techniques for discussing career topics
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Dental Papers: Hints on Choosing a Topic and Finding Information
December 24th, 2010

Writing dental papers always begins with choosing a topic and working with information sources. Let us discuss these stages of dental paper writing. Besides, you will find a list of sample topics for dental papers in the end of this article.
Dental Papers: Choosing a Topic
Start from wide and go to narrow. First, choose a subject area, for example:

  1. Pediatric dentistry
  2. Dental implants
  3. Dental surgery
  4. Dental diagnostics
  5. Dental education et al

Then, choose a specific subject and start working with information sources in order to find a dental paper topic.
Dental Papers: Looking for an Information
To get general background for your dental paper, use books on dentistry. If you need specific information on a narrow topic, work with journals, such as Journal of Dentistry.
Besides, you will find many helpful information sources for your dental papers on the Internet. For example, you may visit these websites:

  • –
  • Dental Care –
  • Dentistry 2000 –
  • Dentistry News –
  • Journal of Dental Research –
  • National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research –
  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry –

They contain the latest articles containing materials on different topics and of different levels of complexity.
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Shell Economist Essay Prize: What Authors May Receive It?
November 12th, 2010

Writing may be not only for marks or pleasure; some people might possess the genuine gift of persuasion and the potential for prize-wining thoughts and ideas. There are many writing contests arranged all over the world every year to give the right of speech and self-expression to people of all ages, to enable them share their thoughts with their society on the burning issues troubling the outstanding minds.
One of such contests is the Shell and the Economist Prize. It is awarded once a year upon the completion of the writing competition on various topics. Students interested in getting a Shell Economist essay prize may address the following information about the contest gathered in one article.
How Can One Get a Shell Economist Essay Prize?

  1. The Shell Economist essay prize is usually awarded to the best essay on the stipulated topic for the yearly Shell and the Economist contest.
  2. The golden Shell Economist essay prize is usually about $20,000, while two silver Shell Economist essay prizes equal $10,000 and the bronze Shell Economist essay prize is about $5,000.
  3. To get the Shell Economist essay prize, one has to write an essay on the topic close to life, the one pertaining to the problems in the society and varying every year.
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A Market Penetration Strategy Dissertation: Useful Strategies
September 3rd, 2010

market penetration strategy dissertationA market penetration strategy dissertation… the very sounding of these words seems to be ominous and dire. And yet, work on this paper can prove to be a really fascinating experience for a student. In this article, we will share some dissertation strategies and directions you can use when writing your market penetration strategy dissertation.
Penetrating the Market as It Is
Penetrating the market is a complex task that requires several separate actions to be taken. Thus, your best solution will be to treat these separate actions like topics and dedicate your market penetration strategy dissertation to them. Let us consider several examples.

  1. Before you make your first steps to penetrating the market, you need to ensure your business will endure the competition. The number of measures one needs to take in advance will be a fine topic for your market penetration strategy dissertation.
  2. Penetrating the market requires a decisive marketing campaign that can grant you a head start right as you enter the market niche. The details of initiating and the course of such a campaign are worth mentioning in your market penetration strategy dissertation.
  3. Finally, the diversification of the market can prove to be a saving remedy in times of crises if you see to it in advance. You can consider several ways of diversification in your market penetration strategy dissertation.

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Dissertation Defense Questions: Different Types, How to Respond to Them
August 20th, 2010

dissertation defense questionsIt seems that the part of the dissertation defense where committee members ask questions is exactly what makes all dissertation writers feel nervous. Who knows what this or that committee member has on mind or how he/she feels at the moment of your dissertation presentation.
At times, bad mood, a quarrel with a spouse in the morning, or a broken car of a committee member can result in some inadequate dissertation defense questions.
Hope you will not face a situation like that, but anyway you should devote enough time to preparing for the dissertation defense and possible dissertation defense questions.
By the way, it is a good idea to visit presentations of other graduates. Sure, you will not be asked the same dissertation defense questions. Yet, it is an opportunity for you to see how tough dissertation defense questions should be answered or what you should do if you have no answer at all.
Right now, we want to tell you about different types of dissertation defense questions and the right ways to answer them.
Inquisitive dissertation defense questions
You will face this kind of questions if one (or several) of the committee members are not satisfied with how you covered this or that aspect of your research. In this case, just tell everything you know, but do not try to touch upon issues that you are not competent in. If a dissertation defense question goes beyond the scope of your work, simply explain that you did not aim to address this area.
Curious dissertation defense questions
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BTEC Sport Coursework: When Sport Meets Academia
June 18th, 2010

BTEC sports courseworkThey say that writing about sports sometimes allows you to earn more money than actually trying the sports themselves. After all, those lucky who earn millions just playing football make up less than 1% of all professional sportsmen of the world. Therefore, your BTEC sports coursework can prove to be the first step to a long and successful career of a sports reporter.
In this article, we will provide you with several topic ideas for your BTEC sports coursework. We will try to avoid narrow and specific topics – you can come up with them yourself, depending on what appeals to you more. What we provide here are general categories, each of which can be a source of dozens, if not hundreds, topics for your BTEC coursework on sport.
BTEC Sports Coursework: History
Perhaps, the most basic and obvious topic for BTEC sports courseworks is the history of sports. There are plenty of possibilities to be original and even extravagant here. Just do not focus on the World Soccer Championships too much – it is too trivial. What about the beginning of sports in Ancient Greece, for instance?
BTEC Sports Coursework: Medicine
Another good choice for BTEC sports courseworks is a positive impact it has on health. Sport is not a mere game and definitely not only a business. It is a healthy activity that can help you recover from a wide range of diseases. Why not study, say, the impact of various sports on cancerous patients? Is it not great to know you help someone providing valuable information in your BTEC sports coursework?
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Dissertation Proposal Defense: What to Expect
April 9th, 2010

dissertation proposal defenseSo, your proposal for a dissertation is finished, and it is high time to start preparing for your dissertation proposal defense. Do not hurry to rejoice if your proposal is successful, because if you fail during the defense, you will have to make further improvements.
In this article, we want to explain what you should expect from the dissertation proposal defense and how to prepare for it.
What a dissertation proposal defense is about
In a few words, it is an oral presentation of your proposal. Yet, you should not take it as an ordinary public performance, because your dissertation proposal defense should actually be strong evidence for you and for the committee that you are ready to finish your dissertation project.
During the dissertation proposal defense, you will have to demonstrate a deep understanding of your dissertation topic, prove its significance, and show your awareness of related works in the field.
How a dissertation proposal defense is usually held
As a rule, a dissertation proposal defense takes from 50 minutes to 2 hours. This time includes your oral presentation, questions period, and a period when the committee makes the final decision.
Some specific rules to keep in mind about a dissertation proposal defense

  1. First, you need to pick your dissertation proposal defense committee and get it approved.
  2. Two weeks before the dissertation proposal defense, you have to submit your proposal to the committee and make sure that all members have your proposal.
  3. Decide on the time and date of your dissertation proposal defense and approve it with the committee.

Quick tips for a successful dissertation proposal defense
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A Research Proposal Methodology Section: How to Write It
March 28th, 2010

research proposal methodologySo, you are working on your research proposal and you have reached its methodology section. What do you know about it? You know that:

  • it is considered to be one of the most important sections of a proposal;
  • research proposal methodology sections should explain how you are going to tackle the main problem of the project.

Well, not bad! Basically, you have a general idea of what a research proposal methodology section is all about. The only problem is that you are not sure how exactly this section should be written.
Then, let us help you and thus explain what information research proposal methodology usually includes. Before that, we have to remind you about one important thing.
The way your research proposal methodology should be organized depends greatly on the type of research you use. You definitely know that methods of qualitative and quantitative research are different. In your research proposal methodology section, you will have to explain the choice of a particular type of research and methods.
What else should be presented in research proposal methodology?
Basic definitions, research paradigms, etc.
Your research proposal methodology section should start with this background information. You can restate once again your research question and the main purpose of your work.
Your research proposal methodology section has to include details about specific instruments used to conduct research. Do not forget to explain why you have chosen these specific instruments, whether they are valid and reliable enough.
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Average Thesis/Dissertation Length: No Universal Standards
March 19th, 2010

thesis or dissertation lengthWhat is the average thesis or dissertation length? This is one of the main questions that bother all thesis and dissertation writers. And, actually, it is a question that has no precise answer.
Saying that the average thesis/dissertation length is approximately 200 pages would be too easy and incorrect, because there are many factors that affect the size of such projects. Anyway, you want to know the answer, and we will try to explain what the average thesis or dissertation length is.
No universal standards
There is no standard thesis or dissertation length – this is the main rule you should keep in mind. All institutions have their own requirements. What is more, in the same institution requirements for thesis or dissertation length may vary depending on schools and departments.
Other standards as guidelines for you
Despite the fact that there is no standard thesis or dissertation length, you can be guided by other standards that usually do not change. What we mean is the content of thesis and dissertation projects. Your thesis or dissertation length should include all necessary chapters.
The main factor affecting the average thesis or dissertation length
Do you know what common answer almost all professors have about the average thesis and dissertation length? They say that a thesis or dissertation should be as long as it is necessary.
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A Dissertation Introduction: Its Purposes and Main Functions
February 19th, 2010

dissertation introductionsSome scholars think that a dissertation introduction is one of the most significant chapters of a dissertation. Others believe that writing dissertation introductions is not more important than preparing any other chapter.
Anyway, it is the very beginning of your project, that part where you introduce your work. Probably, dissertation introductions do play an important role, because they are designed to draw attention of the reader and explain why the project is worth examining. Thus, let us provide you with more details about the first chapter of your dissertation.
The main functions of dissertation introductions
To prepare a good dissertation introduction, you should know what particular functions it has. This is what dissertation introductions do:

  • Explain the purpose of your study and your motivation to conduct it;
  • State the problem you are going to address and solve;
  • Introduce research objectives;
  • Justify your work;
  • Explain how research will be progressed;
  • Give brief summaries of the main dissertation chapters.

See, you have to complete several rather complicated tasks. All the above-mentioned points should be presented in a clear and precise fashion. Do not overload the reader with unnecessary details, but make sure that you provide all major points the reader should know.
Specific recommendations for writing dissertation introductions
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