Shell Economist Essay Prize: What Authors May Receive It?

Writing may be not only for marks or pleasure; some people might possess the genuine gift of persuasion and the potential for prize-wining thoughts and ideas. There are many writing contests arranged all over the world every year to give the right of speech and self-expression to people of all ages, to enable them share their thoughts with their society on the burning issues troubling the outstanding minds.
One of such contests is the Shell and the Economist Prize. It is awarded once a year upon the completion of the writing competition on various topics. Students interested in getting a Shell Economist essay prize may address the following information about the contest gathered in one article.
How Can One Get a Shell Economist Essay Prize?

  1. The Shell Economist essay prize is usually awarded to the best essay on the stipulated topic for the yearly Shell and the Economist contest.
  2. The golden Shell Economist essay prize is usually about $20,000, while two silver Shell Economist essay prizes equal $10,000 and the bronze Shell Economist essay prize is about $5,000.
  3. To get the Shell Economist essay prize, one has to write an essay on the topic close to life, the one pertaining to the problems in the society and varying every year.
  4. Those who may qualify for getting a Shell Economist essay prize have to meet a set of certain requirements. First of all, participants have to be not younger than 18 years old. Secondly, the Shell Economist essay prize may be awarded only to those who have written a 2,000-word essay with a synopsis of about 300 words included in the word count.

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