Dr Strangelove Essay: The Cultural Significance of the Film

A black comedy film directed by the famous Stanley Kubrick, Dr Strangelove has been recognized as one of the culturally significant films in the United States. Writing a Dr Strangelove essay you have to review the film from a wide social and political perspective. To make your Dr Strangelove essay successful and interesting to read, follow the simple steps of our Dr Strangelove essay guide!
Dr Strangelove Essay Step 1: Watch the Movie
One thing is watching a movie at the weekend merely for entertainment purposes. Quite another thing is reviewing a motion picture for producing a good piece of writing on it. When your objective is the latter, follow the guidelines below:

  • when you are watching the movie, try to take down everything that may matter for your Dr Strangelove essay; things like dates, places, actions, and quotes are not always easy to remember at once;
  • if necessary, watch the movie another time for specific details you may need for your Dr Strangelove essay.

Dr Strangelove Essay Step 2: Provide a Well-Researched Background
When writing your Dr Strangelove essay, take the effort to analyze the movie in a certain context, which may include:

  1. a historical period;
  2. a social tendency;
  3. the director’s and/or actor’s personalities; etc.

Dr Strangelove Essay Step 3: Define the Topic
As you have watched the movie and collected some background information on it, you may choose a specific topic for your Dr Strangelove essay. This may include:

  1. success or failure in depiction of events and characters;
  2. the topic of sexuality throughout the movie;
  3. the attitude to Cold War represented in the movie; etc.

Dr Strangelove Essay Step 4: Organize Your Ideas
When writing your Dr Strangelove essay, do not forget to do the following:

  • introduce the movie title, genre, director, and any other relevant factual information;
  • provide a brief summary of the movie;
  • choose the focus of your analysis: the plot, the setting, the characters, certain scenes, the political and social background.
  • provide illustrations for your ideas with specific scenes from the film.

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