1. What services does Course-Works.com offer?
  2. What are the deadline options?
  3. How will I receive my paper?
  4. I have a problem on Accounting. Can you do it?
  5. My deadline is in 3 hours, can you still do my paper?
  6. Will I be able to talk to my writer?
  7. I need to send additional materials. How can I do it?
At Course-Works.com, you can order virtually any type of academic assignments. Whether you are in need of a research paper, dissertation or an essay, we are available 24/7/365 to address any of your concerns and provide timely and reliable help.Even if your teacher came up with a specific paper to complete, do not hesitate to order a custom paper with us. Qualified writers majoring in different fields of study will deliver an A+ custom paper right on time for you not to fail your class.
Multiple deadline options are available depending on your assignment requirements. Minimum turnaround time for a custom paper is 12 hours. Still, if your deadline is close you are certainly welcome to contact us via Live Chat and we will see what we can do for you.
Every customer at Course-Works.com gets a personal account when ordering a custom paper with us. Your custom written paper will be made available for direct download from your personal account and will also be sent to you as an attachment by e-mail.
Even though this is an irregular type of assignment and we do not provide problem solving services, contact us. Our support team will do everything possible to assist you!
Depending on the requirements for your custom paper, we might have writers available for you to do the assignment on the spot. What you need to do is simply contact us via Live Chat.
Once you order a custom paper, you get a personal account with us. In order to communicate with the writer working on your custom paper directly and clarify all order related questions, you simply need to log in and send a message!
There are three options. First, you can send additional materials directly to our e-mail – support@course-works.com. Second, you can fax the required information on your custom paper or you can upload the files directly for your writer from your personal account.

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